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Wish Bigger SIZE preset names on main page for scene mode

I do sort of wish this is possible, but the main layout is literally a tiny little line of the preset title, and then huge P1 P2 P3 etc symbols.

I'd much rather have a HUGE title, and tiny little P1 P2 P3s etc.

I'm talking just about the main page. I use the AX8 in scene mode only. Each bank I name after a song title. I'd just like to be able to read it better as I don't see any use for the big P1/P2/P3 icons being there..


Fractal Fanatic
Maybe as an option, but "we all want this"? There are many of us who use the IA switches for FX and want to be able to see those when I'm playing.


I'm also rather a "preset/scene"-guitar-player than a "stompbox"-player.

And as I see here in the forum, there are also a lot of "preset/scene"-players here,
who are missing some very good and useful options to use the AX8
as a "preset/scene"-switching-device in a live situation.
And larger display names is definitely one of those missing features.


I think bigger text and more options for the screen are for any player. This has been asked a bunch. It would benefit everyone I think....Naming the scene would have to be part of it like suggested above. And BIGGER +100
Q4.0. .... Great, but i hoped soo much for more flexibility of the preset display, and switches, etc

I hope this will be the absolutely next. I am thinking of getting back my Axe Fx with mfc because i am frustrated of the switches and display-layout.....
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