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Big issue with a new FX8 (v4.00)


Hi everyone,
I got a new FX8 MKII with fw 4.00.
I should really be happy about it, but unfortunately there is a big problem.
The footswitch 1 do not work as it should... :(
It seems as it would be connected with footswitch 3. When I press (or hold) the footswitch 1, footswitch 3 reacts.
I've made already a reset of the system parameters but nothing changed...still the same issue.
Do you have any ideas? can somebody please help me:(


Fractal Fanatic
G66 are the best. Worst case, if you or the former owner in case of a 2nd hand unit bought the unit with them and it still is under warranty (which it should be) , they'll have it picked up and replaced in less than 3 days.
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