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Wish better knobs


there has been much wishing for storable global output eq. but here is something on the subject that might actually be achievable.

the four output knobs on the front panel (IMHO) suck. it is very hard to eyeball an exact position.

say for instance you are in soundcheck and you hear a problematic resonance in your sound. is it coming from FOH (knob 1)?. floor monitor (knob 2)? or stage amp (knob3)?

to find out you have to turn the two knobs down and listen to the remaining send and then presumably apply an appropriate output eq. but when it's time to turn everything back on you can't get your old levels back with any certainty due to the impresice nature or the knobs.

i bought some knobs online with numbers 1-10 at their base. nice and presice. but i had to do a big remodel to each knob to make it fit on the front face ot the ax fx 3. (because of the contour of the front panel) This was a bunch of custimization not available to folks without a well equipped workshop.

maybe the stock knobs could be replaced with something more useful?


of course the best thing would be a way to mute the outputs without turning the knobs. or a way to store the output volume settings. but i'm pretty sure this has been proclaimed "not practical"
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