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Best way to remove a broken 1/4" adapter from Axe-Fx rear output?

Alex C

I recently ran into an issue while testing different connection configurations using a standard 1/4" to 1/8" TRS adapter (like this) in a rear output of the Axe-Fx. When I pulled on the base of the adapter to remove it, the tip portion remained in the jack while the rest came out. The tip portion that remains has two 0.75" springy clip portions that normally hold it inside the ring/sleeve portion, but now they're stuck in the jack.

I've poked around with needlenose pliers and a hemostat, but the jack itself is applying spring pressure in a few spots, and the clips of the tip portion are getting caught up in various parts of the interior of the jack. I also tried reinserting the removed portion back over the stuck portion, but they won't mate because of the springy clips being caught.

Has anyone encountered something like this, whether on the Axe or another piece of gear? I wanted to ask here before resorting to other extraction methods or taking the Axe apart.


Fractal Fanatic
You'll need to take the top cover off. The board mounted TRS jacks have three silver spring contacts going across the top of the black plastic jack bodies. One side of these contacts pushes up slightly when a plug is inserted. You should be able to wedge something thin like a toothpick under those three contacts to release the downward spring pressure from the broken plug tip. Don't push them too far or you can bend them out of shape. Just enough to release the plug tip. You should then be able to hold the Axe front panel up so the jack is facing down and the plug tip should fall out. You might have to shake or tap the unit a bit to get it to work its way out.


Some of these kinds of jacks also have a small hole in the back so you can push a broken plug out as well, but I'm not sure if the Axe's jacks have that.
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Alex C

I didn't get around to it that night a few months ago, but I had the Axe-Fx out of the rack earlier this week and I was able to remove the stuck pieces by slightly lifting the three jack contacts just as you described. Thanks!
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