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Best Studio Speaker Set-Up for Axe FX III



I have the fractal axe FX III and have so far been playing through headphones. I would like to upgrade to a pair of studio speakers and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the best speakers to buy and the best way to connect them to the fractal for optimal sound. I mainly play metal music, such as A7X, Metallica, etc. if that matters for which speakers to get. Appreciate the help!


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I've never tried higher-end studio monitors but the Kali Audio LP6 I recently acquired sound pretty damn good and have a quite flat frequency response (especially their new MKII)


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Budget? Regardless treat your room acoustically and even than, if your budget lets still get a speaker with room measurement/correction like Neumann KH series (ones with digital input or add the KH750 sub). This will give you the best you can get out of your room-speakers. To the point, if can get the decay times low enough...you will be at the same level as a commercial grade studio.

note: with acoustic treatment i don’t mean 2inch foam. Depending on your room size, with couple of hundred dollars you can achieve so much with fiberglass and rockwool panels, sooooo much!
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Thanks guys! I’ll definitely read that link and take a look at these recommendations. Budget is not too much of a consideration - I would like something high end but with a justifiable price (e.g. avoiding paying a ridiculously higher price for limited benefit). Could someone also explain to me the best way to hook up those speakers directly to the Axe? Two XLR cables? Sorry - complete noob at this.

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OP, buy something you like and see how it goes. If it starts showing issues, make note of what they are and what could cause them and go from there. There’s no one and done solution.
Unfortunately this is the only real option. Try something and if you don’t like it move to the next.
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