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Best Setup to connect to a DAW


New Member
I own an Axe Fx 3, an Focusrite Interface with S/PDIF and now i want to connect it to my DAW on a Mac.

I also want to use a Keyboard that is connected to the Mac.

What is the Best Setup?


Best is relative, but an easy way would be a USB cable only, i.e. using your Axe FX III as the audio interface. Other than that, you can use the S/PDIF connection from the Axe into the Focusrite.


I'm on Mac as well. I go S/PDIF into my interface. If I want to re-amp I make an aggregate device with my Axe III and interface.

My keyboards either go direct to the computer via USB - or via my interface via it's MIDI 5-pin in. That's for MIDI only.
If you want the sounds from your keyboard you connect that to your interface.
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