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Best Options for Level Control Between Scenes?


I'm sure a more experienced AFX user can help me with "best practice" on this...

With all my presets, I run a parallel output from the FXL block on the grid for my external looper. The looper has a dry defeat which is engaged for this type of setup. The goal is to keep the looper output volume constant in all situations (ie. switching preset to preset or scene to scene within a preset).

Preset to preset is easy as I just keep the level in the output mixer constant and get volume adjustments done in the AMP block.

But scene to scene within a preset? AMP block level is not scene specific (as far as I know) and adjusting the main level in the output mixer will change the looper level. I tried just adjusting the level for that grid row in the output mixer but those individual grid row levels don't seem to be saved with the specific scenes. :(

I've read through the manual, forum, and wiki... is there a strategy I'm missing? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use volume blocks and bypass per scene as needed? That way you don't have to mess with the output mixer.


That's why god (Cliff) created scene controllers. Just assign the looper output control to a scene controller, and then you can vary the level by scene.


I've never used scene controllers before. External controllers and LFOs on Wah/pitch and LFOs were it till now! Thanx. I just read up on them and, frankly, this is exactly what I need.

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