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Best headphones under $150? Eleven Rack birthday gift to nephew...


My nephew has a birthday coming up in a few weeks. He plays cello and a few other instrument in his school orchestra, and have been working to save up for a guitar...he wants to start playing. He's turning 16.

I figured I have one too many guitars here, so I'll send him one. He's getting one of my PRS SE guitars, along with an Eleven Rack. :shock I'd sold the Eleven Rack back in November for $200, as I hadn't touched it since I got the Axe.. but, I managed to trade it back to the guy I sold it to. Let's just say he made out like a bandit...

Anyways, my sister figured she's get him a good set of headphones while he saves up the $ for something else to run the Eleven Rack into.

So, for $150 or less, which headphones do you suggest, and why?

My current phones are Sony MDR-V6... they're not bad, but not great either.


Sennheiser HD-380 PRO ~$125

These are closed back and over the ear. They provide more isolation and are less painful than similar smaller cup phones. These somehow slipped by studio types b/c they were marketed towards djs but are really good for musicians where sound quality, comfort and isolation matter. The price has dropped substantially b/c they crossed over into the best buy market. I've used various closed backs and these are by far the best bang for the for the buck.


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Bose AE-2

I don't care about sound- because you shouldn't use headphones for mixing...

Most comfortable you can get
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