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Best FRFR for AX8?


New here
My opinion is that you could probably be quite happy with the Headrush 112. I also think the Friedman probably sounds a little better, especially for those kinds of tones. Probably nothing a little EQ can't fix though.

As for the China thing, so many products are made in China anymore, I think it's a mistake to just say China=faulty build quality. - Just my opinion. If you're against supporting China in general, that's another topic and your choice.

If the best tone possible is what you're after and cost doesn't matter, I think there are better options than Headrush. If a very good, usable tone at a reasonable price is a priority, Headrush is hard to beat.

I have a couple of issues with this video - mostly the guy won't stop talking. Also, he obviously has his preset dialed in for the Friedman and not the Headrush. But it's probably worth watching anyway.
yes... the headrush has an eq that sounds extrange, and I'm not sure if you will get a great tone changing the eq from the ax8
I have both as I’ve mentioned, the smaller Rush 8 and ASM Friedman. Friedman is just freakin bad, especially for metal and yes, I’ve dialed it in well with my AX8.
Buy the Friedman from Guitar Center or Sweetwater and give it a shot. Both give you a 30 day return policy. It’s awesome and my guess is you’ll keep it. Just decide between the stand up cab or more slanted version.
Yes... but if I don't like it and I return it I will lose the money of delivery, and being from the usa, won't be cheaper...
So... you don't recommend the Friedman for metal? I only want it for my rehearsal place, where I mostly will be playing this


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Headrush if you don't want to spend a lot of money !. Not sure about the build quality (had to exchange since the speaker went bad after few hours of playing) but the sound coming out from is awesome.
I'm seeing a lot of contradictions on the headrush, ones likes it and other says that sounds terrible, also with Friedman, really don't know what to think unless I try them, but may I lose a lot of money on deliveries :disrelieved:
If you are a metal guy, go with the Friedman. My small Headrush is pretty amazing for a little speaker but Friedman is rock and roll, always has been.
Friedman is a bit darker/deeper sound but isn't that what you want if you're playin metal? How bout this, if given the two choices, which one would
Zakk or Kirk pick? I think it starts with an F. :) Have fun.


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I checked a few of these manufacturer websites (Line 6, Friedman, Headrush) and it seems odd to me that they do not offer frequency response charts for their FRFR products. This is industry standard. Seems like they might be hiding the fact that their products are far from flat response?
Exactly - I'd be asking them to produce one.
You want to make sure it's flat over the full guitar spectrum, from about 80 Hz up to at least 7000 Hz
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