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Best Audio Interface (that will not color sound) to use with AX8?


That's what I mean. If an open logic project is set to 44.1 (or you change to it) it'll prevent the 6i6 changing to 48khz if you try to. I don't use GarageBand, perhaps it's fixed at 44.1k?


What I do is:
Connect the AX8 to the 6i6 using SPDIF
Open Focusrite Mix Control and click on device settings, set Sample Rate to 48k and clock source to SPDIF
Open Logic X and create a new project
Then File-Project Settings- Audio then change to 48K Sample Rate

It stays on 48K


Indeed. If you have an open project set to 44.1 it won't change to 48k, which was the problem I initially had until I realised I had a Logic project open. Your strategy certainly guarantees it'll work right.


New here
Greetings from Russia. Maybe my experience will be useful for AX8 users.

I've bought Zoom U-44 interface. It's cheap, but "powerful" for my tasks :).
To record I use 1. spdif input for sound with cab sim (inputs 3-4). 2. inputs 1-2 to record without cabsim (after I add on it IR from Poulin LeCab). So I can mix this 2 tracks.

Recommend this solution. Main thing is not to forget to assign 48 kHz in project settings.
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