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Best Amp for Clean Strat Quack?


I'm always looking for what will give me the most quack, bell like clean tone from position 2 & 4 on a strat. I've auditioned many amps. The one that seems to get the closest is the tweed deluxe. Which one works the best for you?
Love the Bandmaster.Playing it all day today.Look up Burgs-Fenders-8 preset (Scene 1) in axechange.Add an overdrive for even more fendergoodness.


Vibroverb and Princetone are fine, too.

But ... choosing the cab(s) is where most of your tonal secrets lie ...
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There are a lot of them. All the Fenders listed so far, Vibroverb, Superverb, Deluxe verb, Marshall JTM45 & 1987x, Div/1
3 CJ, Soldano cleans, Mesa cleans, Atomica low, Badger 30, lots of great choices. IR's make a huge difference as always. For me, I stay away form 4X12's & find 1x12 IR's work best for me for stratty quacky cleans.


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A note regarding the Bandmaster.

I have kept "update speaker impedance" off because I like a good number of the original imped curves as well as the original Bandmaster impedance curve compared to the default (Double Verb) curve. The orig curve has a peak at 100 Hz while the Double Verb curve has a peak at 50 Hz which gives it significantly less bass and a less scooped tone to my ears in my setup.

Of course turning amp knobs could make them similar but wondering if others noticed too and if you prefer the orig or the default.

Dave Merrill

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I play an EJ strat mostly, kinda vintage sorta. Bridge-middle is my fave, and i've been stuck on a tweaked version of the 59 Bassman for days, really cool.

Not sure if what I dig is quack exactly, but it's great.
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