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Bedroom Player Tips


It seems like most people on here perform with their rigs, so most comments are for people that play really loud. I'm looking for tips from bedroom players who can't really crank their system but still want great, clear tone. I'm personally using HS80's for my frfr but struggle to dial in tones at bedroom levels. For example there are a lot of posts saying to back off of the master or gain but it seems tough to do that when you can't crank the volume. Any tips would be great.
I'm a Bedroom player, but have 2 CLR Powered Wedges as of a week ago. They sound great quiet and prior to that I was using a combination of either Equator D5's or Pre Sonus E8's. I have a Matrix GT1000 Power Amp coming to drive a Bogner 4x12 cabinet I have to TRY to see if I can do a Wet Dry Wet set up. My BOGNER XTC 101B head and 4x12 Cabinet ALSO sounds very very good at bedroom levels.

I don't have much to help you yet, but tweak the patches how you play them. I tweaked one tonight, a Peavey 6160 or something like that. Anyway, it sounded great at bedroom levels, but when I cranked it up a bit it was shrill sounding. Axe sounds great at ANY volume so you are covered.


I'm not sure what you mean about backing off the master or gain. If you are using an amp sim like a Plexi, those are meant to have the master all the way up, you just need to adjust the level of the amp to avoid clipping on your system, and adjust the drive to taste. You should get good results using your HS80's, make sure poweramp and cab sims are on on the global menu and there you go.


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You need less gain when you play loud. Use whatever feels good imho. It´s you playing it.

BUT... If you get use to a little less gain (i don´t know how much you use though) it usually stays on the clear and defined side. You´ll hear it on recordings.

Still, if it feels good, it´s all good.


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I'm the epitome of a bedroom player and get great results with one 1x12 Xitone wedge powered by a Matrix GT1000FX. I can play at whisper-quiet or loud and still sounds great.


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Playing the factory presets I usually need to turn it up until it's a little too loud to play if your neighbors are around. If you can't do that turn up thunk on the amp dynamics page and turn up the bass. The Xitone is a really good cab, it's pretty warm at all volumes.


OWNHAMMER CABS with the SP -T2 mix. I'm into all of Marshalls for the big heads and Deluxe cabs for the combo style amps. The T2 gives a lot of warmth and depth to the mix and Scott's SP mix is just great in FRFR or headphones etc

Knowing tube amps in real life helps a bit, IMHO. If you haven't spent time with old style Fenders, Vox Marshall and Mesa, it'll take a longer learning curve.
Multiple speakers is even cool... Pick up another set of inexpensive monitors for a different flavor and run them all in dfferent spots in the room.

Also, play along to full band mixes to get a sense for how your guitar will sit in a mix. Shape a tone or two to fit in, bet it's different than what you'd do playing alone.


Personally, I don't like my CLRs at very low volume and prefer playing through headphones for late night practice. I can't stand hearing the guitar acoustically and amplified at the same time - it's a personal thing, but I hate it - hence my headphone preference in these scenarios.

+1 to playing along to full band mixes for dialling in sounds. It really helps, especially at low volumes.


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Aim your speaker directly to your head to get the most treble content, in case you need to turn things up to not sound dull. Or better (I think) use a greeat set of headphones(there are many that sound good for music In general but when you play only your distorted guitar through them it will sound like a nasty sworm of bees).
If you use headphones I find the Room parameters in the Cab block indispensable.

Use the thunk parameter in the Amp block advanced parameter.


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I'm the epitome of a bedroom player and get great results with one 1x12 Xitone wedge powered by a Matrix GT1000FX. I can play at whisper-quiet or loud and still sounds great.
Same here, but I have the XiTone Powered wedge. Sounds awesome quiet or cranked.


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Switch to a hifi stereo with top of the line neutral tower speakers set with the tweeters at ear level.


Your ears head different things based on volume. Something that sounds mushy at low volumes may sound just fine at gig volume.

In my experience there is no 'overall' solution...each amp has it's own 'works at low volume' sweet spot. I've taken to making 2 sets of presets, one low volume for practicing, same amp tweaked for gig volume...this will give you an indication on what YOU hear/feel and need to tweak as the volume comes up (and where you fit in a band situation.)

I'd say the 'big 3' for me are:
-Cab hi/low cut.
-Master volume vs preamp volume.
-Low cut in amp block (tighter/looser feel.)


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Beware of FM effect. Our hearing changes with volume. What sounds good at bedroom levels will likely sound boomy and harsh at gig volumes. Conversely what sounds good at gig volumes will likely sound thin and flat at bedroom volumes.
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