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Bass Presets (amp + cab)


My kid seems to have taken a shine to a cheap Fender Squire bass that I've acquired from an acquaintance that wasn't using it... Till now, I've never paid any attention to bass ideas for AxeFx. Anybody care to share some presets and/or fav amp/cab combos for me to tryout

I'm using an XL running v8.01 FW.

Many thanks.
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WW Audio

The relative dearth of bass amps/cabs in the Axe is a continual sore spot for many of our Bass Brethren. Forum member Seed has posted a number of bass presets in the past, might want to search through his posts for them. Or, you can probably also find his and other bass related presets that have been uploaded to the AxeChange site. As is often the case with guitar presets, you're usually better off creating your own. The many variables involved - different strings, pickups, cabs/speaker systems, playing techniques, etc. - often mean that a preset created by someone else may not translate well to your setup. The Fractal Wiki site lists all the amps in the Axe and recommended cabs for each. I use this quite a bit for creating amp/cab combos.

Forum member Yek has also created a more comprehensive guide to the various amps. It's in PDF format and can be found here.
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