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Bass Patch RTA

What does your Bass patch EQ curve look like ? Post a screenshot of your EQ curve using the RTA block, tell us about your setup and what your using that patch for stylistically.
I'm hoping this could help us guitarists get an understanding of what we're looking for, and dial in better bass tones.
Thanks everyone!


Bass Low E.png
I'm not sure if a static image of a single note will help, so I've attached the preset, too (saved before adding the RTA). The screen grab was created while I played my low E with one hand and screen-cap'd with the other using the "clean" scene.

Generally, I'm listening for low-end energy in the 100-250Hz area, and a little kick in the 1.6-2kHz region. Typically I'll scoop out something around the 800 Hz range. The most important part I've found is to EQ in context. . . us a looper, DAW, etc to dial in sounds with other instruments or backing tracks up. I play mostly styles ranging from Rush to Steely Dan to SRV to T.O.P. on bass.

To keep the low end under control, I use a fairly aggressive compressor setting. The "knee" is just a little over string noise, so if I'm purposefully playing anything, chances are the compressor is engaged. I've found I prefer having a fairly consistent volume and letting the "touch" determine the dynamic effect.


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