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Bark at the Moon - Jake E. Lee Guitar Solo + Patch


Fractal Fanatic
Sounds great ,wish I could say a day . Maybe I could ,I just don’t have the patience like I use too.


a few years later, I got to know Bernie Torme quite well and he used to let me play the Blue vintage strat that Ozzy had given him as a 'thank you' for doing the gigs immediately after Randy passed - best guitar i have ever played
That’s awesome man 👌


Spent some time learning this solo today... I've been digging the JCM800 model... If I'm being honest I'm not sure what gear Jake used, but to me this worked well. I've set a dry, wet and flanged scene for your convenience. Hope you dig how it came out :) I appreciate all the love & support... Diego

Man that is just rockin great job loved your video


Anyway. The main point is Diezel - that is absolutely awesome playing and tone. Having seen Jake E play the original version, yours may very well be better. Big respect !!!


Excellent @diezel013! That preset is dead on. Thanks for sharing! I also am an "old guy" who had the pleasure of witnessing Ozzy/Jake live on the Bark at the Moon tour in Pittsburgh. Excellent show! Jake was amazing! Motley Crue also opened the show during their Shout at the Devil tour and were equally impressive in their own way before they became jaded and blasted out of their minds.
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