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BAREFOOT BUTTONS Christmas code 2017


BOOM!! Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah all... The BareFoot Button code for 2017 is HERE NOW!! I WILL ONLY SEND THE CODE TO YOU IF YOU MESSAGE ME ON THIS FORUM! THIS IS NOT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.The coupon code will ONLY be good for 2 days from TODAY! There is minimum order of six(6). The discount will be 30% off of RETAIL for the all products.THAT IS DOUBLE THE 15% WHOLESALE DISCOUNT FOR 6 regulars .... WE are getting 1st crack at getting the new Acrylics and Tall Boys too. The general public WILL NOT have access to them, only us,till we get our pick first.. for the next 5 days...

Barefoot Buttons – Guitar Pedal Buttons Easy On Your Feet
Born from a common problem, we created this easy to install customization for all musicians that use pedals, from guitarist, bassist, keyboardists, dj’s and so on. This…
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