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BAREFOOT BUTTONS Christmas code 2017


Hi guys and gals, Its that time of year for me to do what I do.. If you know me , you know I try to work "special " deals with small, less than 12 employees, American music supply companies. Killer deals for us AND a boost in sales for them. For all the people who didn't get in on last years killer sale on BAREFOOT BUTTONS, for your foot controllers and AX-8 and FX-8 floor units. Get ready for a repeat performance! Details forth coming...Soooon ~ KLAUS
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Fractal Fanatic
Thanks for the tip. I had my brother-in-law here last week and he is also an AX8 user. He got some first-hand experience with the BBs and really likes them. I just gave him a heads-up. Again, thanks!


ATTENTION....only 3 days left.. to get 30% off Tall Boys and regulars ..over 100+ Fractalites served ...had over 15,000 views for this sale last year. Don't miss out this year!!
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