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Bank of Fender



Thanks for this awesome work.

Any chance for your gen 1 high gain patches?
Edit: I just found them :) majestic stuff Don.
Edit 2: just tried the fuzz bank. Not the High Gainers I would have expected

So DON is there another Bank with just High and Mid Gain Glory ????

If SO....pretty please and Thanks
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Thanks so much for these!
Quick question though- I'm going to attempt to create some of the cabs that Don uses from The Redwirez big box collection I've bought. Should I :A- use the online mix ir facility to make the Blended cabs
B- Do use 44.1 KHZ 16 bit files to make the "mix" or the Files in the AXE FX folder in the BIG BOX?

ANy help greatly appreciated!



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After a little more searching I found Don's thread http://forum.fractalaudio.com/user-cabs-irs/29097-redwirez-my-user-cab-layout.html and I've used on the online MIX ir facility to download the cabs.
I do have one question remaining for Don if you happen to see this!:
For cab slot 1 are you using the Jon Phillips recipe, TwinJensenC12N-SM7-CapEdge-0in + TwinJensenC12N-SM57-CapEdgeOffAxis-1in 50/50 or 01 TwinJensenC12N-R121-CapEdgeOffAxis-0_5in.syx on it's own?



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Does anyone else get a link to some dodgy looking site rather than a bunch of presets?

one whole bank filled with presets using Fender sims.
I made 99% of these presets from scratch, some were posted here already, some were not.
This bank includes sounds of 'raw' amp->cab setups, as well as drive pedal emulations and not-so-subtle fx.
I'd say it has an overall vintage-y vibe to it.

I supply this bank as-is, I don't have an Ultra anymore, so there'll be no update of any sort.

These patches were used extensively in many of my projects the last year (note the amount of surf-esque sounds) and they worked well during tracking as well as mixing, so in a sense you get road-tested presets.
The presets were made on ADAM P11a monitors and I mostly use singlecoil/lipstick pickups, but even with a EMG81 the results were useable ;)

View attachment 9573


seems like the sysex file can't be hosted here (too big),
please download from here (use the blue button):

Bank of Fender dp.syx

here's my Redwirez user cab layout:

01 TwinJensenC12N-SM7-CapEdge-0in + TwinJensenC12N-SM57-CapEdgeOffAxis-1in 50/50
02 BassmanP10Qs-TAB57-CapEdgeOffAxis-0in.syx
03 DeluxeRev12K56-TAB57-CapEdgeOffAxis-0in.syx
04 Marshall1960A-G12Ms-R121-CapOffAxis-1in.syx
05 BasketweaveG12M20s-R121 & 421.syx
06 Marshall1960B-V30s-TAB57-CapEdgeOffAxis-0in.syx
07 MarkIIC_EV12L-R121-CapEdgeOffAxis-1in.syx
08 MesaRectifierV30s C414 Smooth 12in recipe
09 57 Off-Axis 2 More Pres.syx
10 ASEM RECTO V30 L2.syx

Velvet Sun is of course a factory preset.
I must have overlooked that one, otherwise I wouldn't have included it, obviously. I used it quite a bit, even on vocals - stunning preset, whoever came up with this, thank you! :)

one more: Organ Grinder is of course another factory preset. A great preset - but not mine in any way.
sorry about this.


Does anyone else get a link to some dodgy looking site rather than a bunch of presets?
This is the key phrase from that site:

The file link that you requested is not valid.

The file isn't there anymore, so all you see is the ads that are peppered all over the site.


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I might still have this somewhere on a backup at home, unfortunately I am out on a jobtrip until oct 23rd.


I would really appreciate if someone could put a link up for these presets. Having a fender amp assortment would really help out on blues & R&B gigs. If the file is large...even a DropBox link...which others have used as a way to transfer preset banks. Even an assortment of 10-20 individual presets would be great. Thanks in advance if anyone takes the time to help us out.


I though I had this, but I can't find it in my files. If someone can pull it up, I can host it.


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Didn't find this in my archive unfortunately, but found a backup of banks that includes some of Don's patches as well a a tonload of IR', Yek's patches and a complete U2 archive of Simeon (don't know the Firmwares these were written for..).
But for the Don Petersen stuff maybe ask Yek, he can have that kind of archive of Don Petersen in some old drawer. Anyway I'll put forward a DL link with my personal ULTRA archive per PM to Rex.
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