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Wish Bank naming

I am old fashioned: On the FC-12 I use 10 buttons for presets and 2 buttons for bank +/-.
I don't use scenes at all.
So, when changing the bank the display shows the new bank number and its preset range for about 3 sec. (for example: 045 (450 - 459).
I would love the possibility to change that shown bank number into a (meaningful) bank name.
I guess the bank name would/should stay connected with the bank the same way as now the bank number stays connected. Only the amount of presets inside a bank would change. In the worst case I would loose my bank names, but I could handle that by writing them new.
I could imagine a kind of list (like midi mapping) where custom names are assigned to real bank numbers and an option to show either the bank number (as it is now) or the custom name instead or even both.
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