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Band Promo


Fractal Fanatic
I'm really digging deep to promote my current band. We're starting to get a little radio play and getting some big shows and merch rocking and need a little push. I'm hoping the nice folks here will take a listen and help us land a spot opening for Coheed & Cambria.

You can listen to our self-recorded demo at www.facebook.com/chaosinquestion or www.myspace.com/ciqmusic (though the facebook is way more active). I hope everybody enjoys the tunes!

Also, we've got a shot at opening for Coheed, so here's where I need some help. You don't even have to like our music on facebook. This only requires that you have a facebook account and click "like" on our event post.

1.) Sign in to Facebook
2.) Click http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1 ... ry_fbid=14 6849272002520
3.) You should find yourself on a coheed event page. Click "I'm attending" at the top.
4.) You should also see a post by Aaron Dorval with a link to Chaos in Question. Click "like" on that post.

That's it. We really appreciate the click!
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