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Ba-dum pshhh!

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
A guitarist plugs in to an Axe-Fx and is inspired to play the most beautiful and emotive music ever heard. A nightingale and a lark experience the performance; comparing their own songs unfavorably, they die woefully in a moment of utter despair, thus proving once and for all that it really is possible to kill two birds with one's tone.
Not quite my vision and experience of the Axe Fx, but it must be linked to my limited playing skills..
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Great Matt, as if I didn't feel that I was already lacking at guitar skills. You just had too up the game....
Next up in the staff talent show.......how's about a vocal recital by the very talented daughters of M@.....................they are two birds with great tone!!@
... thus proving once and for all that it really is possible to kill two birds with one's tone.

An African student studying abroad at the same university as my daughter bought an AxeFX rig.

He actually turned out to be a 'prince' of his particular tribal community, this only came to light when he anounced to his student friends that he had to leave because his father had passed away suddenly and he was now the King and had to return home to take up his duties.

When he got home he was keen to introduce changes to the very traditional lifestyle of his community so he asked that the large wooden throne that he was expected to sit on should be removed from the ancient mud walled thatched roof house that was his official residence - plus he wanted electricity for his AxeFX and other home comforts. This caused much anger with the elders as they said the throne could not be removed from the Royal residence as it would be bad luck and also certain ceremonies required the King to be seated on it.

A compromise was reached and the throne was hoisted into the rafters of the house and it could then be taken down for the ceremonies when required. Electricity was introduced and everyone seemed happy with the arrangements.

A few months back my daughter heard the shockingly sad news that he had died. It turned out that the rafters of the house were a bit weakened with age and the throne crashed down while he was playing his AxeFX rig very loud and he was unlucky enough to be directly below when it fell.

There was much discourse amongst his people that it was perhaps angered spirits that caused this but the official coroner report simply concluded the unfortunate death as :

People in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones
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