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AxeFX III: What's Missing?


Like everybody else, I'm super excited about the announcement. But, looking at the specs there seem to be some surprising missing features.

It seems odd that the product page touts this as the "center of your workstation" and it offers all that I/O, but no phantom power for a mic? Helix rack has mic input with phantom power, right? And no selectable sample rate?

And no Bluetooth to facilitate editing from a mobile device? For a unit that hopefully will have a long lifetime that's likely to be the preferred interface for editing in the future.

There is no longer a dedicated tuner button on the front panel. It might be just me, but that's the front panel button I use the most.
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Some wants are probably too specific to individual users to be useful to implement. No bluetooth for mobile device editing on the other, if that were the case, that would be a big faux pas. Then again, if it were the case, something for the Mk.2? ;)


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IMO, Thunderbolt not worthwhile, nor is AVB or such. Too much expense and complexity that would go unused by most. This is a guitar processor, not a primary studio interface, although 8x8 USB is a nice addition.

Wireless would have been great for almost everyone though. For Axe-Edit on phones\tabs, maybe for foot control. Update firmware, backup or transfer presets or cabs from a phone app over bluetooth or wi-fi.


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What’s sorely missing is a single thread discussing III.

I would hate to miss an important piece of info but I totally hate switching between several topics with the same discussion spread between them. :D


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With this much flexibility in all the blocks, 8 scenes is not a lot.
Think of all the combinations you can make.
128 scenes
That's more like it :)
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