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AxeFx III vocal chain


I’m considering buying an AxeFx III and using it as the centerpiece of my studio. I had an AxeFx II in the past, so I know for certain the guitar sounds are going to work for me. I also want to use it as an audio interface and I am wondering how to best use it for recording vocals. I have a separate mic preamp already, so I could patch the output of that to one of the Axe’s inputs. Does anyone have any experience recording vocals with the AxeFx? Do you use a preset specifically for recording vocals? And if so, what does your signal chain in the AxeFx look like?


I have a basic one that I use for practicing playing and singing at the same time. I'll try to post it later tonight.


A typical preset for vocal recording would look like this:
Input block -> Parametric EQ -> Compressor -> Delay or Reverb -> Output block

Typically you want to use these effects from the Axe just for monitoring, so select USB In "5+6: Input 1" as input source in your DAW to get the unprocessed preamp signal recorded.
If instead you want to record the wet signal with these effects, use USB In "1+2: Output 1" as input source in your DAW.


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Not to pick, but typically printing delay or reverb during tracking is a 'no no', unless it's part of 'the sound'. Most folks prefer to add those during the mixing stage. You could always arrange the effects such that the guitar player hears one path with delay and reverb, and the recorder/DAW gets a separate path without them. I have done this multiple times. For vocals, much the same process.

My recommendation for a vocal path is not that different from yours. I would offer:

Input -> Compressor -> EQ of your choice -> | -> Output to DAW
......................................................................... | -> Delay -> Reverb -> Output to monitors/phones
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