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AxeFX II and Line6 L3t ??


Has somebody tested the Axe with the new Line6 speakers ?
Looks like it could be a perfect match ?



I just received my axe fx2 and I already had my line 6 l3t. The l3t is an incredible pro speaker. The reference mode is flat response but sounds a bit bassy because of the cabinet if you set it to monitor mode and the back the bass isn't as strong but the mid sand highs remain the same and it sounds fantastic the speaker is very loud and powerful and very we'll built. Also it has two different built in stands that give you two different monitor angles which comes in handy. You must plug the axe fx into the mixer panel to get the clarity and run the lows mids and treble at flat 5 if you plug directly into the amp input plug on the rear panel you won't have any punch to your sound
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