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Bug? AxeEdit not reflecting bypass states of blocks


Running AxeEdit 3.00.01
windows 7 environment
AxeII firmware 11.03
Midimate controller to the back of the AxeII
No other USB devices connected

My midimate correctly switches "off" blocks in the AxeII (to bypass state) but when I'm running AxeEdit 3 the bypass states are not being reflected in editing software. I push the buttons to go in and out of bypass state - the AxeII front panel (and sound eminating from the outputs) is clearly following the "in and out" of bypass but the block status in AxeEdit remains "live". I've tried several blocks and this is consistent behavior in my current environment.


This is a known issue. AE currently doesn't (always) reflect changes made through the floor controller.
Except for the looper, AE "never" reflects effect state changes made from external midi gear. There were several threads about this behavior and essentially it means you cannot comfortably use a floor controller while tweaking in AE which would be the normal process in my opinion (you tweak something in AE, you test it with the floorboard - if it is manipulated with your feet). So it would be a very worthwhile feature.

A while ago M@ said in a post that they were considering this for a next release but could not promise anything.

BTW: In his template, Scrutinizer has identified a way to reflect effect state changes instantly, not matter where they are triggered (FP or AE).


This surprises me.
I thought the whole idea of AE3 was that it was merely a window into the Axe-FX, in that what you saw on the screen always matched what was happening in the Axe-FX. i.e. AE3 knows nothing but what it reads from the Axe-FX. I thought that was one of the reasons that AE3 wouldn't work without the Axe-FX connected - it doesn't have any settings "inside" the software, it only can read what the Axe-FX is doing.
If that was the case, then AE3 should always reflect what's going on inside the Axe-FX. I guess that's not the way it is, but if it's not, in that AE3 can show it's own settings separate from the current state of the Axe-FX, then why bother to force the requirement for the Axe-FX to be connected?


Thanks for the quick reply Yek. I really haven't really used AxeEdit 3 much and this "bug/known issue" kind of caught me off guard.

This surprises me (AE "never" reflects effect state changes made from external midi gear) ..... if AE3 can show it's own settings separate from the current state of the Axe-FX, then why bother to force the requirement for the Axe-FX to be connected?
My thoughts exactly, especially since I was rather disappointed when I saw this in the AE3 release notes; ""Offline editing" is not supported and will not be added to any future version." I didn't really "offline edit" as much as peaking into the guts of a preset to dissect settings, routings and controllers. It was nice to be able to do that without having to be hooked up to the AxeFx.

Oh well.

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
The Axe-Fx does not inform Axe-Edit about block state changes. I am told the engineers may look into improving this as time permits, but there are quite a few more important things to work on at the moment. Axe-Edit 3.0.3 is well under way by the way.


Power User
It takes all of 5 seconds to load up Axe Edit, and less than that to shut it down. I just close it and test, allowing me to use the MFC101 or the front panel, then open it again to continue tweaking if I need to. Have not had any problems so far doing this and AE also loads any changes made (un-saved) without issue.
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