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Axe8 or Axe Fx 2???


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Hey guys I have been playing guitar for a few years now and am keen to start playing gigs in the near future. I am tossing up between buying the axe8 or the Axe Fx 2. I have about $1300 saved up, should I spend it on the Axe8 now or keep saving for an axe fx 2 or xl+? I currently just play guitar in my bedroom with a boss katana 50, but I am keen to get out there for gigs soon. I love exploring new tones and presets. How much does the axe fx 2 or axe fx 2 xl+ offer that the Axe8 doesn't? What do you recommend?


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Depends on two things.
If you're planning to stay in the bedroom for a while or not
If you want the full potential (two amps at once and a lot more CPU, more fx with X/Y,....Compare Ax8 with AxeFx II) or not

If you're planning on gigging, you'll need a controller to go with the AxeFx II
With the Ax8, it's all there.


AX8 has plenty of horsepower. It can run about 10 blocks in a preset. Sounds and feels amazing to play. It is "all-in-one solution" for Live use. Works great for home recording with seperate audio interface like Focusrite scarlett 2i4.

Axe-Fx2 has insane amount of horsepower and some cool extra features,like: tonematch, mics in a cab block, few effects more, dual amp and cab, build in audio interface.

I had AFXII before, but I have AX8 now. It works better for me. I use it in home and band practices. It is so easy to take it with me and again setup for playing.

With Axe-Fx2 you also need midi controller for live use. So the end price will be quite a bit bigger, than getting AX8. But if you feel, that you need the extra CPU, then Axe FX 2 will serve you well.
Went through the same dilemma when looking to replace my Kemper. AXE FX 2 had all the features under the sun but I wanted a relatively simple solution to play live so chose the AX8.

Just as much tweakability as the FX2 and (touch wood) I've not hit any CPU limits yet and on the subject of running twin amps this doesn't appeal as the tones I'm getting from the AX are stunning and in the studio for recording I'll track guitars with different amps anyway.


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It comes down to use. Both units sound awesome. I have an Axe and an AX8. For gigging, the AX8 wins for me. It is easy to use, has great features, sounds great, and is very portable.


Ax 8 if you plan on gigging. Even if you don't gig it's pretty awesome. I have both and use the Ax 8 the majority of the time even for recording.
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