Axe3 Tonematch IR won’t appear for Ax8 use


I made an acoustic guitar tone match on my Axe Fx3 and exported it as a user cab. I then exported the user cab as a .syx file.

In Ax8 cab browser, this file can not be seen in the directory.
In AxeFx3 cab browser, it can be found as expected.

Is there a compatibility issue here, and perhaps any known workaround?
Download fractool, open your ax8 patch in fractool, and save the tonematch as a .wav file. Open up cablab lite and convert the wav to a syx. It will work. EDIT: this doesnt work anymore in fractool RIP
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That ability has been removed from FracTool.

Might be able to convert the Axe 3 IR itself to an AX8 IR with FracTool?

Oh wow, I didnt know that! That really sucks because I used it to convert some tonematches from my friend's axe fx II patches. He maybe able to convert it.
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