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Axe2 Preset building


Clarky, Be carefull! I just loaded one of your presets into Axe-Edit .307
and all of your modifiers got whacked. Something in .307 doesnt like your work.


thanks for the tip off....

I backed up and loaded 307... all is good...

maybe try downloading RffSolo1St2 again..
if that don't work I'll try and post it again in here


I tryed it with (3) of your presets, All react the same. Reloaded .304 and everything fine.
I wonder if its something to do with connected controllers? As I have none. Would you mind trying with out connecting to Axe,
Just stand alone Axe Edit.

Alter Ego

Hey Clarky--just a quick thanks for the inspiration on the pedal 'clean/dirty' morphing idea---just tried it on a patch of my own and just love it--might not have have thought of it if you hadn't shared the idea..thanks!


Hey Clarky--just a quick thanks for the inspiration on the pedal 'clean/dirty' morphing idea---just tried it on a patch of my own and just love it--might not have have thought of it if you hadn't shared the idea..thanks!
aahhhhh that's awesome....
good fun all this ain't it....


I think I've nailed the fundamentals of my clean preset..
this is essentially a preset for ballads

the behaviour of this one is quite different...
I still use two amps but in this one they never sound together...
one is for rhythm and the other is for soloing so the preset has two distinct chains..

the clean amp is the HiWatt Normal
so in 'clean' mode, this one tone morphs to a synth-like pad..

in 'soloing' mode, the amp used is the 5153Red again [cos it sings]
like before though this one cleans up when it tone morphs

EQ wise, this one is really intended for the neck pup, although in solo mode the bridge pup still works nice..
the soloing tone does not jump up as high level wise because the backing music over which it's used is softer..
the ambients are stronger and the soloing tone has less top..

I'll try to record a little clip of it pretty soon..


so here's the clean preset

the clean amp is the HiWatt Normal
the soloing amp is the 5153Red

clip notes:
start - clean mode, heel down, neck pup [HiWatt Normal]
0:27 - clean mode, toe down, neck pup [HiWatt Normal]
1:12 - clean mode, heel down, neck pup [HiWatt Normal]
1:40 - solo mode, heel down, neck pup [5153Red]
2:26 - solo mode, toe down, neck pup [5153Red]
3:07 - solo mode, toe down, bridge pup [5153Red]
3:40 - solo mode, gradual transition to heel down, bridge pup [5153Red]
3:47 - fully heel down [5153Red]
4:06 - solo mode, heel down, neck pup [5153Red]
4:37 - clean mode, heel down, neck pup [HiWatt Normal]

EDIT: it still blows me away how sweet the 5153Red scrubs up....
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been messing with a variant of the clean/solo preset and come up with quite an interesting alternate soloing tone....

I'll see if I can put up a clip in a few days or so...


Another really cool patch u have put together. I hope u keep em coming. I see u decided on
the Hiwatt for the clean, I am playing around with it and am probably going to end up using it
on the Alex Lifeson patch (Exit Stage Left) I am working on. Not certain what I will use for the more distorted
tones, I know he was using Hiwatt heads and Marshall cabs mainly at the time although he also
sometimes would use meda boogie mark 1's and Fender twins. Anyway, in time I'll
get it all figured out. I have to change things up some as Im not using the same guitars he was
at the time.
Your "morphing" patches have been the inspiration for what I am attempting and I appreciate
the insight I am gaining. Again Thanx.........!!


ahhh... that's cool...
it's nice to know that some folks are getting something useful out of my ramblings...

a little thought... Lifeson's tones are generally quite thin, I'm wondering if the Hipower Brilliant would be a good choice cos the boosted highs...


so... I've now got my dead monitor mended so my studio is back up to full strength..

listening to all my presets for the first time through them [rather than through cans], the things I expected to be wrong are in fact wrong... lol..

not enough top:
I need to boost from 3k up a little

too much bottom:
sounds like there's a strong area around the high bass / low mids
I reckon a little cut around the 200Hz area should sort that...

these are the results of headphone EQ-ing.. and pretty much what I expected to hear..
nothing serious.. just a little fine tuning and things will be great..

and listening to the Axe-II for the first time through my monitors.....
oh yeah ! !
lovin' it ! ! !
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ok... so I'm EQ my presets...
trying to dial out the lil' bump around the 100Hz-200Hz area
riffing away... lil' tweak... riff some more etc....
my cell rings....
it appears that I've gone and pissed off the street... lol..

once I got my monitors back I guess it was just a matter of time... lmao..
when you're dialling your tones in, a little collateral damage is to be expected right???

so.... I am now at this interesting junction...
do I take the white pill, switch to cans and go do something else
do I take the red pill and get the Marshall backline rig out


My vote would be to figure out how to play between 98-108 db without bothering the neighbors =)
I find that I am much happier at these volumes as compared to headphones (I only paid ~250 dollars so they are not that great).

btw I love this thread! As Mark Day has inspired me to purchase the AxeII, you would surely be the one to inspire me to purchase the MFC just to have the functionality you built into the presets you have so generously shared.
I am not a professional and merely play for enjoyment, but love being able to obtain the awesome sounds (and ease of recording direct) and "real feel" the AxeII delivers.
Your playing/tones and morphing clean to dirty are fantastic.


jeez dude.. that's some seriously cool stuff you're saying there....
truly awesome.. thanks so much...
hugely appreciated too...

it feels great to know that I'm making a difference some how..

honestly... you really made me smile..


Oh hell to the yeah you're making a difference Clarky! I've been reading this thread from cover to cover and I don't even have an Axe II! Just been trying to glean information and transcribe the patches as best I can to my Ultra for a learning exercise. Only have a mod pedal and a latching pedal connected directly to the back of my Ultra (no midi pedal at all yet) so some things don't work quite right as an all in one preset but good enough to learn. Love way you use one pedal to control multiple settings/values/blocks. I've been aware of this ability and have used it for some of my patches in the past but you take it to the extreme! Even just looking at your effects settings and trying to transfer to the Ultra has been helpful. Just wanted to say that you ARE providing a valuable learning tool for those of us that don't have much experience tweaking in the digital domain or even the Axe II. Since the launch of the Axe II, the Standard/Ultra postings have fallen off dramatically so I have to search for knowledge where ever I can find it. Thanks again for taking the time to give us a window into your preset building process. Looking forward to when you can post your latest clean preset. That's killer!!!


Making a difference? I've spent the past 3 days studying your thread and getting inspiration from all your good work so that's a big yes from me !
Could I please ask a basic question about how you achieve the panning , one amp all L, the other all R ?
I have set the input output to dual mono ( CopyL>R).
then I put two balanced leads from out1 L and R outputs to my mixer.
Then do you use the mix page of each amp block and set the BALANCE of one amp -100 and balance of the other amp +100 ?
And set your exp pedal as a modifier to alter this BALANCE parameter ?

Or is it done via the mixer block?

Sorry if this is basic but I'm trying to learn.


Fractal Fanatic
After the loss of the likes of smilefan & donpetersen (I might forget a few), you are one to make that slightly bearable, Clarky :)
That might sound like a small difference, but it's bigger than you think. And you're only just starting! ;)


thanks guys... it's really cool to know I'm helping and inspiring folk..

skintone1 - my outputs are both set to stereo
I think originally I tried running dual mono [panned wide at the mixing desk] but this caused phasing issues with the stereo effects..
I suspect that earlier on in this thread I stated my output intentions, and maybe forgot to state when / why I switched the outputs to stereo..

after much tweaking, I think I'm getting there with my 2nd clean preset [ClnSolo2St2]..
it's based upon CnlSolo1St2 but has a few little differences
clean mode:
- EXP1 heel down fades in the quad chorus

EXS1 switches to the solo mode:
- EXP1 cleans [as before]

EXS2 switches to alternate solo mode:
a gate block kicks in to bow the attack [I do the same thing with my 'pad' tones]
but the attack time is a little shorter so you can solo with it
EXP1 heel down is on the cleaner side
EXP1 toe down is a little dirtier and brings in a pitch shifter [+12 and -12] and also a ringmod [to make it sound a little more synth like]
the tones I'm aiming for here were inspired by that Vangelis 70's analogue synth
it's a fun one.. I've never used a tone like this live before.. or even set up a preset to deliberately do it..
I discovered it by accident years ago when I was noodling with my 2120 with my soloing preset, neck pup, guitar volume almost off..
the very low signal coming from the guitar reacted in a very cool way with the noise gate slowing the attack..
the volume was so low that I could never use it live [although I used this effect many times in the studio..

here's an example of the alternate solo tone [this is the 2120 not the Axe2 - but it'll give you an idea of the application]
this tone appears at 1:43

cool thing though, is that with the Axe I can recreate this tone and also make it loud enough / predictable enough / and easy enough to call up so I can use it live...
this for me is a serious first... I'm seriously looking forward to using this type of tone for the first time on stage..

EDIT: apologies for bringing an enemy fx-unit into the HQ...
it's just here to illustrate how this tone is used..
I'll record the Axe preset pretty soon... promise... lol..
and of course at some point I'll start throwing in recording clips of the Axe with my presets in a full mix..
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