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Axe-Manage Cabs import (file name weirdness)


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I went through and consolidated a bunch of Wav IR files for processing, used Cab Lab Wav2Syx to convert them all to Syx, and then went through and used Bulk Rename Utility to take off the front bit of file name text on all of them.

When I go to import them into Axe-Manage Cabs from the Explorer window, the file name looks like this:

When it gets dragged into Axe-Manage Cabs, the file name shows up in the Browser as this:


nowhere in the file properties or anywhere visible is that text even still visible, in meta data or anything.

edit: i think the original file name is part of the syx data. have to edit the name before you convert it. i try dat now.
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The filename can be anything you want. The name of the IR itself is a different thing. If you have an IR that’s called “Perfect Boogie,” you can rename the file to “George,” but the name of the IR won’t change.


In Cab-Lab 3 there’s an option in the tools menu to batch rename IRs to match filename on disk. Can’t recall off the top of my head if it only works on .ir files or if it also works on .syx files... but if it works on .syx then that should sort your particular situation there. (also, fwiw, I can’t remember if the adjust ir name to match filename option is in the Lite version or not, but it’s definitely in the full standalone version if you have that.)

The other option would be to use this “Bulk Rename Utility” to rename all the .wav files FIRST and only THEN use wav2syx to convert the .wav files to .syx format after rename — wav2syx tool will use the file name as the IR name when it does the conversion as that particular attribute is a property on .syx and .ir files themselves, but not on the .wav files.
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The file name that shows up in FAS software when you drag it over is embedded in the sysex data, when you convert to sysex from wav whatever file name it had gets printed to the sysex data, you have to rename them before Wav2Syx conversion
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