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Axe-II Manual now ONLINE!!


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This sounds nice... ;)



Now we're getting somewhere, boys! I think I just did the stupidest thing for my GAS when I downloaded this!


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"Our philosophy is to never cut corners on processing power. Our new state-of-the-art algorithms required a
powerful platform on which to operate, so the Axe-Fx II features two (count 'em) 600 MHz dual-core Analog
Devices TigerSHARC™ Digital Signal Processors working in tandem. One processor is devoted solely to amp
modeling while the other handles effects processing and system tasks."......

Oh please for the love of Christ make this in an 'amps only' version and sell it to me for $1,300-$1,500!!!...haha...i already knew this but reading it again drove me over the 'cliff'
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