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Axe FXIII with Mesa Boogie 50/50 and 2x12 stereo Mesa Boogie Cab


Is that the older vertical 2 x 12 semi-open Mesa cab?
It’s a half-closed horizontal Recto cab. I believe they were custom order only for a while after the main run, but since Gibson bought them, you’re able to buy them from the big chains now.

iirc They made a 4x12 version and a 2x12 version to play with the Road King head that changed outputs along with the channels so you could pair them up with open or closed.


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I feel like the Black Shadows are pretty understated for modelers. They’re pretty sterile, but that can be a good thing when you have so many tone shaping options. With that said, I ripped mine out of my Road King and put the Vintage 30 in the open half, and an Alnico Cream in the closed half, and I’ve never been happier with a stereo cab.
Vintage 30 and celestion 90 is a great combination. Best of both worlds

la noise

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Thank you!!! :)

I have the old, ugly ass vert Recto cab with the hideous metal grills. It sounds amazing
but looks gross and is huge for a 2 x 12.

That Road King 2 x 12 is like the 2 x 12 of my dreams. I had no idea it existed.

$850 new. Hmmmmmmm......... :)
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