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Axe FX3/FM9-3, tone chasing, rig consulting, programming in&around Austin/TX (in a recording/production studio)


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I have over a decade of experience using the Axe FX both on stage and on tours in the USA and Europe. I also use the Axe FX III on a daily basis for commercial recordings in the studio, working with major labels.

My journey with Fractal Audio began with the Axe FX 2 and MFC, and currently, I use the Axe FX 3 and RJM GT16 & Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 in my rig.

I have extensive experience with the Axe FX through various setups, including studio monitors, traditional guitar cabs (I own and endorse the Matrix GT1000fx), in-ear monitors, and FRFR speakers.

If you require assistance with any of the following, I can offer consulting services either online or in person at my studio in Austin, TX:

  • Tone chasing: I can help you set up the amp and cab blocks to achieve authentic tones, ensuring you no longer miss your amp or cab.
  • Understanding other blocks and FX: With my daily experience in composing, recording, mixing, and mastering for labels like Warner Chappell, I can provide insights into different blocks and effects within the Axe FX system.
  • MIDI programming: I own and and run an advanced RJM GT16 setup and can assist with complex MIDI programming, including the use of sysex to control parameters beyond what regular MIDI controllers(including Fractal Audio's) can achieve.
  • Authentic tones through various setups: I can help you achieve authentic tones through FRFR setups (in the studio, I go through Neumann KH310s with KH750's room correction), traditional guitar cabinets (I own four cabinets with highly sought-after vintage speakers), or in-ear monitors.
  • A/B comparison with real amps: Since I still have real amps at the studio, I can provide a true A/B comparison between the Axe FX system and real amps through the same cab/speaker setup via the Matrix GT1000fx.
  • Pro environment testing: You can play your rig and test your tone in an acoustically treated professional environment, suitable for both gig and home volume levels. Please note that this service is only available for in-person consulting at my studio. However, for online consultations, I can still listen to your recordings and help you achieve better tones that sit well in the mix or provide a fuller tone for reduced band setups or solo shows.
I also own a collection of custom shop and vintage guitars, including Strat, Les paul, semi-hollow, Tele, and more, allowing us to cover tones and settings for most guitars out there.

If you're interested in my consulting services, please feel free to reach out. I'll be happy to assist you with your Axe FX system and help you achieve the best possible tones for your needs.

Best regards,
Semih Yanyali

P.S. I don't send or sell presets cause your room, setup, your touch/playing dynamics, your guitar has such a huge impact on your tone. Other player's presets can give you an idea on a lot of things but it won't nail the tone for you in most cases. Additionally, I want to mention that djent/heavy tones are not my area of expertise. If that's what you're seeking assistance with, there are others who specialize in that particular style and can provide better help.

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