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I changed the battey (CR2450 3volts) and changed the thermic paste carefully and my axe fx ultra is now freezing at start, i can't even get to the main menu, the screen is totally green, all the lights are all on and no way to make it start properly and apparently it didn't happened to anyone or i didn't found it on the internet, i don't know what to do, i have a record session coming up this week, i'm lost please someone help

P.s: before that it did freeze every now and then but after 2-3 switching the on/off button it started again and everything was perfect..


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could be loose ribbon cables. take the lid off and press all the connectors down

or corrupted preset? try holding down "recall" while powering up. if it works, save the blank preset it loads with over the corrupted preset

could also be the eprom is buggered.

this behaviour also happens when the battery is dead. is it the right way up?


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I took off the new battery a replaced it again and now it starts correctly (so thank you man you got it right) but i lost all my presets...i guess i have to create them again so simple questions, i never connected the axe fx with midi input/output before so is it simple ? Do i need a special device/interface to connect it with midi or a simple midi to usb cable right in my computer could work ? If it's possible with a cable, what kind of cable ?

Thank you very much man.


if you're looking to connect to your computer to use axe edit, then you'll need to connect the midi in and the midi out so there's two way communication. 5-pin midi to usb cables are very unreliable and often don't work. there are tons of old threads about how to connect. usually the best way is via a small midi to usb interface and two standard midi cables. there was a list of ones that work here on the forum. i don't know if it still exists, i haven't checked, sorry. you might need to experiment a bit.


Hey man i just bought it few hours ago, the M-audio Midisport Uno, it doesn't seem to work with mine, how did you set it up ?
Thanks 🙏
I plugged it in and let Windows install the driver for it. I set this up a good while ago but I remember there being issues with the drivers and letting Windows do it was the way that worked. This unit worked on both my Windows and Mac machine.
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