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Axe Fx Ultra - Best "Budget" Amp Modeler in 2020? :)

Hi guys,
I've been using Axe Fx Ultra for 7 years, after buying AX8 and Axe Fx III soundwise I feel Ultra still has a great sound.
I still use it for my youtube videos and I think it's a budget option for today.
So what are your thoughts?


The Ultra indeed still holds up as a great modeler. Still better than Boss and similar modelers... IMHO, even Helix. The effects are also pristine compared to other similarly priced units.

Although, I wouldn't call it a "budget" modeler. The used listings I found were over $800.


New Member
unfortunately line 6 still hasn't cracked it amp modelling wise... way too cold and sterile, and the cabs dont sound like they are moving any air. i think the headrush is much closer. effects wise the helix is unsurpassed, since i am a synth guy and the line 6 synths are absolutely fantastic.

edit* great video by the way!
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