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Axe Fx Standard - will this route work?


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So I've got the standard! Old school choice. I wonder a bit whether I should have opted for the Helix LT, but I like the axe std tones and it has a nostalgic value of being something I always wanted!

Anyway, I didn't realise that the standard doesn't work as an audio interface! So I'm looking for one. I will get a proper focusrite etc, if need be. HOWEVER I actually have an old Line 6 Toneport GX! Basic little unit, but I'm hoping I can connect my Axe to my macbook via the Toneport GX? I have attached images for all the inputs/outputs to play with in this possible route.

Of course I'll need some kind of 2xXLR/1/4" to 1x1/4" adaptor to get the axe into the Toneport 1/4" input. I currently have 2xXLR leads coming out of the Axe Output 1 to my Presonus e5 monitors. So ideally I'd like to have 2x1/4"s coming from my Axe into Toneport and then into my mac, using some kind of adapter? Keeping my XLR route from Axe FX to monitors. Think that would be the easiest route if possible?

Thanks in advance guys!


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I've been told elsewhere that this won't work to monitor my computer sounds through the Axe so maybe a no-go. However I have found the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 Audio Interface, which seems perfect. Has XLR inputs (from my axe) and 1/4 inch outputs to speakers. ALSO it has midi in and out so thats the connection sorted for Axe edit! Hope I'm right.
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