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Axe-FX related (Tone-Talk segment with Friedman and Jake E Lee)


Have you guys seen this?

It's long, but very entertaining. They both got pretty hammered and were speaking freely to say the least. If you scroll to 2:57 a question is asked about modeling amps. The response was..."interesting".

Other than that, there were some entertaining stories. If you have the time to listen to all of it, it's mostly pretty good. It gets better as their buzzes kick in. :D


I watched and enjoyed it.

Dave's a tube amp monger, and his position on modelling is predictably partisan. I think most people realize there's enough room at the table for everyone.


I always used to smile when Dave comments against moddellers, as I was usually playing my Ax8 through my Friedman ASM12

He's a businessman wanting to shift product

I take everything he says against moddellers with a wry smile, I'm sure if I called him up to build and AxeFx rig he'd be more than happy to take my money

As for the podcast, big fan of the show but it got weird when Jakes oh throws her Teddy bear out of the pram

A few interesting stories in there though


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3h 44 mins? These youtube talking heads are going on for longer and longer. Video files sizes keep on increasing and youtubers keep on talking and talking.
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