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Axe-fx into Mesa Mark V front input (impedance question)



Ive been using the axe-fx for effects only. In the loop of my Mesa Mark V i still hear a sound difference with all shunts on the axe-fx but it is something i can live with.

My big problem is that I was excited to use the axe-fx in front of my amp as well to utilize the drive blocks, wah's etc but I cannot stand the sound of the axe-fx into the front input of the Mark V. Ive matched the levels to the best of my ability and im using decent cables. Ive heard some people talk about using a Radial Dragster to change the output impedance of the axe-fx to instrument level so that it can go into the front of the mark V and sound "better" basically having the same impedance as it would have been running pedals into the front. (because the axe-fx outputs are all line level)

Have any of you done this with any success? Does it eliminate the problem? (assuming some of you have/had the same problem as me)

It just feels like with the serial loop on the mark V and more so putting the axe-fx in front of the amp (and even more so 4cm) that I'm losing presence and dynamics. And the bass frequencies become less tight and less punchy.......

Any suggestions? I often read of people giving up on 4 cable method... I wonder if this is one of the reasons?

PS: I switch between analog front/analog rear inputs in the axe-fx i/o menu in accordance with where im plugged into.


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any luck figuring this out? I am trying to do 4CM between my AXE and Mesa Roadster and am having the same "tone suck" you spoke about.. If you were able to make it any better, any advice would be appreciated..



Never got it to work. Sold my mark V and i only use my axe-fx for recording now. Good luck!


Thought I should chime in here...
I run my Ultra output 1 two ways with great success:
First, into the effects loops return of my VHT Special 6 Ultra, essentially making the combo a tube power amp...
I find this makes all the tones "clear and precise", BUT take my word for it, unbelievably brutal gain sounds fantastic also.

Second, into the front panel input jack. This changes the tones greatly and I can tweak the amp to make it sound "throaty" or "gritty" which works best for gain patches.
Just recently tried this and was very pleased!

Crucial for ANY amp usage is the "output volume controls" on the Axe Fx, these controls can make or BREAK your tone.
Make sure the Axe isnt "clipping" your amp with too much level, on the oposite make sure you are sending enough to the amp for good signal to noise and power dynamics!

I am not suprised that some amps do not like the Axe, I bet those same amps do not like alot of pedals either, probably a headroom issue imho
Its a fact that some amps do not work well with pedals, racks, effects, etc, in spite of having an "effects loop"

2 cents peace
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