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Axe-Fx III Wish List


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i've got a ton of stuff, but it would be worth seeing what's in it first
Yeah, let's wait and see...

Once the dust settles and users have had a chance to spend some quality time with the III, I'd love to see Simeon's and Yek's wish-lists updated with what's already been addressed in the III.

But as of yet, there's not much sense in a wish list, is there?


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VST/AAX plugin like AxeEdit but with more power/options. Something similar to how the UAD environment works where you could monitor but not necessarily record the AxeIII processing and then apply it later during the mixing stage or whenever. Probably my biggest wish list item for years. Not necessarily a priority for FAS and the III is looking pretty tasty regardless but this is what would help my workflow the most. I still love my Mark I and the tones I get, but I'm totally getting a III...


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FreqOut can be simulated with Pitch and Comp.
I think he’s asking for the same thing people have ask for before. Instead saying “you can use those three blocks to sound like this effect”, just make a dedicated block to make it easier on us. I don’t see Fractal ever doing this. As opposed to a company like Line 6, Fractal has never really done the “stomp box modeling” thing.


just make a dedicated block to make it easier on us
Would be nice! I do like experimenting and trying to learn, but the bottom line is I will never have enough time to come up with or match some of the ingenious work by some of the forum preset experts out there...
In the meantime I have just searched the forum for a Freqout preset (or similar) I realized it wasn't just a feed back simulator sound I was looking for... I kind of meant a sustainer pedal of sorts which can hold a note or notes - My bad!
A bit like this : Plus Pedal from Gamechanger


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Same old wish I posted in the af2 wishlist: sdd preamp built into a dedicated sdd3000 delay block!
Don’t forget you’ll have 4 drives and 4 delays per preset. So while it does take two blocks, you still have plenty of drives and delays left after perfecting your SDD3000 sim.


I skipped the II, I'm still playing my Ultra, so maybe this is all there already.

When I buy a III I'd like a really good rotary like the Neo Vent. And the Freqout, and everything by Strymon, etc. As mentioned above, I'd like to see more easy to use prepackaged fx blocks, and more emphasis of fx development rather than just amp modeling.

It's good that users like Simeon have produced various nifty fx templates, but it would be nice if some of these more complex fx were prepackaged into single blocks with unified controls.

Also, for the synth block I'd like to be able to run a compressor block in front of the trigger signal, or for compression to be added to the trigger function. With my legato style (i.e. lazy picking) a simple level trigger threshold like the one on the Ultra is not good enough to produce an even synth trigger.

While you're messing with the synth block, add some more oscs, mods, and filters to make it more synthy.

A really good pitch to MIDI block would be great. Since the III is going to be my new DAW hub, it would be great to be able to trigger VST synths directly. Come to think of it add an embedded VST host block so I play my favorite VST synths or use VST fx onboard, talk about a killer app.

Maybe the looper can do this already, but I would like to be able to sync to an external MIDI device such that when enabled, loop recording starts and stops automatically on an even number of beats or measures.
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