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Axe FX III mkII - will my mk1 get left behind with firmware updates? Answer - clearly not. Thread edited due to excessive negativity from one person.

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I think some of you guys and gals should try to overcome those kinds of phobias.

I am on the AxeFx3 wait list (I put myself in late Aug so I didn't know anything about the Mark 2) so I will end up with an AxeFx3 Mark2 but personally I would be fine with the Mark I just the same.

I bought my beloved AxeFx2 Mark I in November 2011 which I still use on a daily basis (no other modelers, amps or effects ever since I bought it) and although another 2-3 variations followed it, I never felt I was left behind in any way.

The last firmware came in September 2019 (8 years after the AxeFx2 got in production?) for all the AxeFx2 versions so nobody was left behind.

So the main question is, what make you guys think it's going to be different with the AxeFx3?

Just my 2 cents.
Maybe this sounds corny, but if my MK1 stopped getting updates altogether I would still be insanely happy with my purchase.
This thing has exceeded all my expectations and I don't even use it to it's full potential. I get any tone I can dream of, plus ones I haven't even thought of yet, and everything sounds seriously incredible. Do I want a MK2? Hell yeah, but I'll hold off for now. Fractal improves on their products so rapidly I can only imagine how amazing the AxeFx4 will be.
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We will see how FAS supports its MK1 users in the long term

The axefx ii mark I was supported the entire lifecycle of the axefx ii and received updates until the very end along side the other two revisions; it’s obvious the axefx iii mark I will be supported foreseeable future. At this point your responses seem to be trolling.
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Would be great if hardware were supported forever with endless updates - but that is a dreamworld as is upgradable hardware which is not today's reality for the most part whether it's your phone, your laptop, or your modeller. Having said that I was amazed at how long Fractal supported my Axefx II-mk1 with FW updates looong after the 3 came out and while II mk2,3 models appeared (they went above and beyond to squeeze the absolute most out of the 2 for customers for as long ss possible - even today, my II-mk1 is perfectly viable and a great companion to my 3 - don't tell my wife I never sold it!). This is a minor Axefx3 hardware upgrade so I don't see any reason to worry about losing support any time soon even if you are a skeptic about such things. Even when a 4 comes out, judging from past history, there'll be Axefx3 updates long after a 4 is released. What I've learned working in tech for many years is that some people will always be pissed when a new version of any kind appears - they want the one they have to be the absolute best and fully supported long after typical eol until the moment they are not satisfied and ready to buy a new one, at which time they complain about a new version not being available fast enough.
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… I was amazed at how long Fractal supported my Axefx II-mk1 with FW updates looong after the 3 came out …

Exactly. Even after Cliff had formally announced the Axe-FX II had reached EOL, he still stepped back from his pressing work on the Axe-FX III and ported many features of the new Ares modeling back to the Axe-FX II. I still remember how that announcement felt; it was completely above and beyond.

I’ve been on this forum for just over ten years, and – while you’d think I’d be used to it by now – I am still continually amazed by Fractal’s level of support, interactivity, and dedication to ensuring that existing gear continues to appreciate in value for its customers.

I haven’t bothered to check, but I wonder how much of the FOMO handwringing is coming from newer customers who don’t have the same frame of reference as those now on their third or fourth Axe-FX. When I saw the Mark II announcement, I thought “whoa – the folks on the waiting list are gonna be jazzed!” and “I can’t wait to see what Cliff comes up with” – fully anticipating that, as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.
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