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Axe-Fx III idea

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touch interface?

i personally wouldn't want that, but it's neat!
I personally wouldn't use it, lol. BUT it'd be great for marketing and would pull in shitloads of new customers.

Separate preamp and power amp?
Yes, that too.. but that's not related to this thread ;)

Why not just put in a bluetooth interface and have iOS/Android Axe-Edit apps and a transceiver for using the MFC over bluetooth as well?
That too, but you gotta remember that every time they update the firmware with new features, they also have to update the unit's on-screen menu. Might as well reuse components from Axe-Edit. Based on "my idea", Axe-Edit too would have amp front panel graphics.

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Sorry to rain on this parade, but these photoshop threads create some problems for us. The images get placed out of context and then a bunch of people email asking about the new product. It's not that I can't deal with explaining this, but there are better things to do, I'm sure you'll understand.

I'm going to close this thread so it doesn't get too much SEO traction. Axe-Fx II has a LONG life ahead.
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