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Axe-Fx III - Global EQ Settings

Brian Edwards

New here
I want to record "Electric Guitar" tracks using the Axe OUT #1 XLR line level outs, direct to an AD converter.
I'm using the amp + cab (IR's), should I also set the Global EQ #1 to cut all un-needed frequencies ?
As far as I know, typically electric guitar works best in the 100 hz - 8000 hz range.

Kamil Kisiel

Most people use the Global EQ to compensate for differences in sound systems. If you're recording you can always apply EQ in your DAW after the fact, then you can tweak the recording to sound good in the mix.
As far as doing low and high cut, it's common to do that in the cab block so that the frequencies don't end up and build in the downstream effects like delays etc.