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Axe-Fx III Flanger?

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I'm not saying I think it is a phaser, just that I always got a closer result with one. Here is a quick (and sloppy) example of the best I could get with both.

Personally, I think the phaser sounds far more like the mod effect on the record than any flanger I've ever tried or heard.
I think both are killer and remarkably close!


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They are similar, but the phase shifter sounds more like TSOR to my ears. A flanger doesn't have that sucked-out "growl", at least none that I've ever tried; especially the Electric Mistress (standard or deluxe). Negative feedback on a flanger doesn't sound the same to my ears. I have, however, tried several phase shifters that have this quality.

I agree with M@; there may be other things going on. To me, it is more of a phase shifter with a flanger-like quality than a flanger with a phaser-like quality. I just find it hard to believe it is simply an Electric Mistress or other standard flanger, whether pre or post.
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There's this sort of hiss (maybe what you're calling a sucked out growl) to the original that feels like a filter or equivalent being applied to whatever the modulation was he used. Maybe it's inherent to the effect he used itself. The fact that so many people have had trouble finding this sound tells me you're right, there's stuff applied in post that is never discussed. Maybe someone can ask Terry Brown. Yours is pretty close, definitely close enough for all but the most picky tone chasers. Clearly Alex didn't worry about it afterwards. As many times as I've seen him play it live and then watched all the blu rays, it's like he's not even trying to get close.
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