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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.00



New power amp modeling algorithm. This new algorithm now also separates the transformer matching from the speaker impedance. A new parameter, Speaker Impedance, allows adjusting the relative impedance of the virtual speaker. For example, to simulate connecting a 16-ohm speaker to an 8-ohm output set Speaker Impedance to 2.0. Transformer Matching, on the other hand, changes the impedance ratio of the virtual output transformer.

To support the new power amp algorithm the internal transformer matching values and negative feedback values have been updated. The new negative feedback values will load when selecting an existing preset. If you typically adjust Negative Feedback when creating a preset be sure to audition your presets as the parameter value will be reset to the default value upon preset load.

Fixed Amp block Output EQ wrong frequencies if EQ Location set to "Input".

Fixed Amp block "Hi-Cut" calculation for amps without negative feedback. This affects the following models: All AC-20 models All Class-A 15W and 30W models Citrus Terrier Boutique 1 and 2 FAS Class A Hot Kitty Matchbox D-30 Mr. Z MZ-8 and MZ-38 Ruby Rocket and Ruby Rocket Bright Supremo Trem Wrecker Rocket

Fixed incorrect default P.A. Cathode Resistance value for Citrus Terrier model (correct value is 96%) and Class-A 15W model (correct value is 83%).


Thank you so much Cliff and Fractal Audio!!
Any changes to the beta version (which is very awesome, btw)?
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