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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04


Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Reduced background task priority on high CPU presets to improve client (i.e. Axe-Edit) performance.

Added “CC Boost” type to Amp block.

Improved CPU usage.

Optimized LCD graphics for better response.

Changed FC tuner note names to match main tuner (i.e. Eb instead of D#).

Added Solo feature to Parametric EQ block. When a band is soloed the frequency range for that band is isolated allowing the user to fine-tune the band.

Fixed output level of PI Fuzz model too low.

Fixed Modifier auto-engage not working when Auto-Engage is set to SLOW POSITION and the Update Rate is set to FAST.

Fixed Supremo Trem model missing Tone control in Authentic mode. Note: the Tone control is mapped to High Cut in Ideal mode.

Fixed FC and Axe-Edit not displaying tempo correctly if preset using global tempo.

FC: Fixed Layout Link not executing if no function is assigned to the switch.

FC: Added Mode parameter to Utility/Reveal Hold for Momentary/Toggle.

FC: Added Hold Function Execute Mode: TIMEOUT or SWITCH UP. "TIMEOUT" is same as the previous behavior. When set to "SWITCH UP", the hold function executes when you release the held footswitch, allowing precise musical timing.

FC: Fixed Per-Preset/Placeholder #24 not working.


thanks a lot for this new fw.
I love to retreive the reveal toggle mode like on mfc but
the switches launch the untoggle functions in the reveal toggle mode.?
Am I doing something wrong or am I too early :hushed:??
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