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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.03


The level of customer service from Cliff and the entire Fractal Team never ceases to amaze me. Bug fixes in less then 24 hours ! Thanks again to the FAS team as well as the forum members that help debug and identify issues.

As a retired software engineer, manager and project leader I am deep respect for the FAS team for their tireless dedication !


Power User
I just noticed a possible bug/feature. I know that with FW6 the front panel tuner access switched from the B button press to the A button press, however I still have to press the B button to exit the tuner. Press A to enter but B to exit. Can anyone else confirm please?

Thanks for all the great work Cliff and team!!!


Power User
Thank you kindly kind Sir.
23 updates in the ten months I've had the III, not counting the beta's.....
You are relentless
Your dedication is unsurpassed
I love you
If I were a woman, I would want to have your baby
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