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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta


i'd really like to see a couple of large VU meters as an option on this screen with peak hold...
I’m not a fan of peak hold because you shouldn’t meter guitar tones by peak, but by average. If you go by peak, your volume will be too low every single time.


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My left side shift key stopped working months ago on my MBP...so I managed to contort enough to set up 9 of the 10 spots...but it seems the right side shift key won't load spot #5....as mentioned earlier in this thread...
Is there any way around this now...or in the future?
I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing will be of help to you, but I found that as some of my function keys don’t have internal Mac assignments, that on those shift alone works to assign a parameter, whereas the others require Fn-shift to do so. Hope this might help with your F5 issue!


“And what mental health institution are you presently housed in, may I ask? It would be helpful to know so I can steer clear of that part of the US when I visit. You could post a preset based on that. I’d be a must have for the III for any aspiring guitarist, mate.
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I don't do betas but this is amazing! I've watched Leon's and Chris' videos and this feature reminds me of AX8's direct access knobs but cooler! I think this idea came from FM-3 development!


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Not sure what can be done to improve this issue...,When I setup the Performance pages and the amp has has a single Input Drive and then switch to the second amp that has both the Treble and Normal Drives, it still displays as "Input Drive". Same issue happens when one amp has Presence and the on the other has Treble Cut... I can live with this, but I just wondering if there's a way to improve this? (ex. Per Scene Performance settings) Thanks.


Pretty sure this is a bug or oversight: When I edited the Perform page, the "edited" flag light never came on the for the preset reminding me to save. This is true for the unit and Axe-Edit -and if not saved, changes are lost as expected.


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It'd be nice to have the option (or setting) whilst in the perform mode for it to Auto-Save your adjustments.
So for example, as it currently is, I make an adjustment on the fly at a gig, then I switch to another preset. When I switch back to the original preset, my adjustments have un-done themselves. Having the auto-save option would mean it'd be behaving more like regular amp/pedals, any adjustments you'd make would be permanent for that preset.
I understand that this wouldn't be everyones ideal, so that's why an auto-save setting would be beneficial. You'd need to select the feature.

Jerry K.

This is a great addition! I have been waiting for this for a long time, it will make adjusting on the fly so easy, thank you!
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