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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta


Okay, you know what it was? The app had crashed, but still looked like it was working. I could still adjust parameters and stuff, but it actually wasn't working. I closed it, then reopened it, now the buttons work to add/remove functions. Guess that's the risk you take with a beta version of a program running a beta version of a firmware lol. Anyway, thanks for everyone who actually helped (@iaresee ).

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to report issues, but if you have one parameter in the "1" slot, and one in the "10" slot, you cannot get to the 10 slot. The arrow keys do nothing. You have to fully populate enough parameters to enable the arrow keys to work to adjust parameters in Perform mode.

Edit: also, can't get the "5" slot filled. 1-4 and 6-10 can be added/removed fine.
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you can assign Looper controls like Record, Play, but turning the knob doesn't do anything.


Maybe a bug : "Adding or removing a PERFORM control will change the EDIT state of the preset"
Doesn't occur, edit stays off when adding or removing a perform parameter.

Reproduction : in this preset, select amp's level parameter, hit shift F1



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Hey thanks!
You realize what’s happened with this release? The sound is good enough! No tweaks no nothing that will change the sound.
Well done

Gasp! "The new Perform feature?" :D

Found it!

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Firmware 5.09 introduces the PERFORM tab found on the HOME screen of the Axe-Fx III. The PERFORM tab can be configured with up to 10 user-selected controls from any of the blocks found in the current preset (including CONTROLLERS and GLOBAL). Configuration of the PERFORM tab is done via Axe-Edit III. Allowable controls include rotary knobs, push-buttons, drop-downs, and toggle controls (e.g., on/off controls).

PERFORM controls are added via the editor from the block’s parameter view. The hotkey combination SHIFT + F1 through F10 are used to place the selected parameter control in the desired location.

PERFORM controls are removed via the editor through the use of the hotkey combination SHIFT+COMMAND (MAC) or SHIFT+CTRL (Windows) and pressing one of the F1 through F10 keys.

Adding or removing a PERFORM control will change the EDIT state of the preset. These settings are stored per-preset.Added USB Output Mapping to Setup > I/O > Audio. This allows routing USB channels 1,2 to Output 1 or Output 2 and channels 3,4 to Output 2 or Output 1.
Changed Cabinet, IR Player and Tone Match block IR windowing so that window length is proportional to IR length (rather than a constant window length).

Fixed Ring Mod block left/right slightly unbalanced.

FC: Further fix for startup timing issues.

FC: Fix Inc/Dec functions' upper limits defaulting to zero.

Fix learning of FC external pedals and switches in MIDI/Remote.

FC: Fix external switch polarity not showing correctly on the FC Controllers Remote page.​
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