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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05


If anyone can actually create (and share!) a similar sound that's playing during the first seconds of this video that would be really great:

And if you don't want to share for free, go ahead and drop me a PM.
do you have that guitar or something similar? that's pretty much what the majesty sounds like through a mesa model. i have that guitar and generally speaking it immediately sounds like that.
I just know that whatever modeller I tried, I became bored because I was hardly able to create a decent patch. I had Kemper, too. The sound was great, but very easy to fck up for me, because many params looked magic and were hidden deep in the menus.
With axe 3, my first feeling was that the knowledge and usabillity were superior, but the sound was a bit behind. But a few update ago I started to feel that this thing can roar! And every day I learn something either from the manual/menus or this fantastic forum that adds ro my posibilities. The JP 2c is so great! I planned to buy the actual amp with a two notes to get the sound, but now it’s here. And today I found the steroizer so I’m happy like a baby :)
Thanks Chris and thanks to the super supportive community!


Thanks for the tip about using High Treble to emulate Shred mode!

Downloading the new version now. I am super impressed with the JP Red channel from the prior firmware. My friend got some new Meinl hi hats so he was having a lot of fun last night too.

Thanks again for making one of the most inspiring pieces of music equipment in the world!


I sold my JP2C literally a week ago to buy another guitar and I'm glad I did now we have both these models in the Axe.

Both models behave exactly like the amp. I found when plugging into the JP2C chan 2 needed slightly more gain and more saturation for my taste. Using shred mode on chan 2 or chan 3 gave me that bit extra. The JP red chan on the Axe is definitely my favourite now. It's even got that bottom end chug Boogie's have. (I think I'm describing that correctly) Looks like I'll be using this model as my main dirty tone instead of the Friedman I've been using.

Thanks Cliff and everyone at Fractal.


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Gotta say i'm liking the yellow channel compared to the red one. Here's a sample clip of it double tracked.

I agree from Ryan Bruce demo on riffs and beards i thought channel 2 sounded killer a liitle more open

Even the Mesa manual says the Red is better for a dedicated lead channel

Your clip sounds incredible the clarity of those complex chord voicing under hi gain
Is pretty darn impressive


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I have to say of all the MK models we
Have in the AX3

This one is probably my favourite
It covers the best of the Mk2 MKVI and MKV IMO

Amazing model Cliff
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