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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03


Fractal Fanatic
Huge breakthrough today. Version 5.00 coming soon. I've struggled modeling the cathode follower accurately for, well, forever. Woke up in the middle of the night last night and realized what I've been doing wrong. Spent all day simulating and coding it. The results are excellent. Gets rid of that crackly sound on palm mutes. Instead you get this nice "bong" and almost piano-like low notes. A/B'ing with my Dual Recto and Soldano X88 and it's spot-on.

The algorithm is pretty complex and adds 10% CPU usage but fortunately the Axe-Fx III has power to spare and it runs on the second CPU so the user won't even notice. Doubt I'll be able to port it to the II though as that CPU is almost maxed out.

I have to enter data for all the amp models but I might be able to have a beta later tonight.

I've noted that, for some time now (a couple of years or so), a lot of firmware releases involved the CF and/or centered around improvements to it. I find it especially interesting that you cracked that nut since I've found the vast majority of the firmware improvements of the CF always yielded tangible benefits to feel, dynamics, and touch response, etc.....a "nice "bong" and almost piano-like low notes"...oh yea bring it on, nice. I need a III lol!!

Awesome to have finally scratched that itch eh? That must be uber-satifying to have nailed that puzzle after all this time and effort...congrats :cool:


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