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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

York Audio

I'm liking the feel of the drives and connecting with them more than I have in the past. The 808 sounds fantastic! I was parked on that in front of the 1987x for a long while before trying the other drives. The Eternal Love is still one of my favorites as well. I was curious about a couple of the models though. I know the Shred Dist was mentioned, and if it needs to be fixed, can we still have this as a new model? It feels kinda like my old Zvex Fuzz Factory and it's a cool new drive flavor. Also, is the Fat Rat acting as it should be? Maybe the default low cut threw me off, but I thought it was worth asking about.

Overall, really great work. Thanks for everything, Cliff.


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What’ts next Cliff seriously :)
You have worked or reworked
Mod fx
Cab block
And now the drives
You are a busy man


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Nice update.

Great to have more control over the Dry signal. I guess I must be sensitive to it but hearing a little too much dry signal mixed in with the distortion for my taste is a common issue I've had with OD/DS pedals and one of the main reasons I have never liked using them in real format where most I've owned didn't provide control of dry mix.

After watching some intriguing youtube vids of the Metal Zone pedal (a bit of a resurgence going on) - I spent some time with M-Zone-Dist into Delux Verb Normal - Sure enough, with all the Drive dials now available, I got a really enjoyable Metal tone going !!
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Anyone besides the mushroom guy having FC issues?

yeah same on fc-12 here: pre-preset settings have all become amp1 for effects, looper became presets, scene up and down just shows the current scene name and doesn't change scenes. light colors appear to be the same as I set them though

sounds phenomenal though
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